- Four Things to Look for when Hiring a Home Improvement Guy -


Trust is the confidence you have that your home improvement project will be done right and to your satisfaction.


I’ll earn your trust through open communication during your project and by delivering on promises made before the work begins.



Integrity is a must-have when you’re opening your home to a renovation or repair contractor. It’s that feeling in your gut that this person will do what was promised, without a lot of hassle.


I’m uncompromising when it comes to my principles because I’m here to build long-lasting relationships.


No Surprises

There’s nothing worse than surprises, unless they’re good. That’s especially true when it comes to your renovation or repair project.


Sometimes surprises are unavoidable so should the unforeseen occur, I will research and discuss options with you.




Look for a pro, not only with the work you need to have done but also with how you’re treated as a customer. I’ll return your phone call or e-mail within four business hours. And will provide you with a professional estimate and invoice.


If I'm running late, I'll call you in advance.

And I will always respect your property.

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